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One of the distinctive features of South and South East Asian Buddhist culture is the joy that people experience when giving gifts to Buddhist temples. At OBV people bring food, clothes, medicines and other basics to offer the monks. Some just leave things in the kitchen. Others like to formally offer gifts to monks next to the altar, and receive a chanted blessing. Technically, as monks’ vows do not allow them to take anything which is not given, gifts need to be handed to a monk as a gift if it is to be acceptable for use by the monks. For the same reason, when meals are offered to monks the plates can be formally offered (usually each one handed to a monk) so that the above precept is not broken.

Money donations are also very welcome and help with the upkeep of the Vihara and specific projects, like the printing of Buddhist books. You can find a ‘donate’ link in the bottom of most pages on this website. A donation box is also available for those who prefer giving in that way. Others help with jobs that need to be done including DIY, gardening and various other tasks needed to keep the place running. Feel free to offer support in any way you like, including not at all! Joyful giving is at the heart of the Vihara community. The Buddha taught that generosity is a good quality to develop: here there are many ways to practice it.

We hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to talk to one of the monks. Join our mailing list if you’d like us to keep you informed about future events.

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