The Oxford Buddha Vihara (OBV) is a centre for teaching the Buddha's message. Vihara means dwelling place. We aim to offer a programme which is practical and relevant for this modern era, so that more can benefit from the Buddha's teachings. The OBV was founded in 2003 by the Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami, who has lived as an ordained Buddhist monk for the last 30 years. Since 2003 the Vihara has developed into a thriving community of monks and lay Buddhists from many different countries and cultures, with an emphasis on the traditions of SE Asia. The community includes groups of Burmese, Thai, Lao and Sri Lankan origin as well as Buddhists with a European background. In keeping with the tradition of the SE Asian temple, the Vihara and its monks exist through the generosity of temple community. Supporters offer food, basic clothing and medicines to the monks as well as financial contributions which ensure building upkeep and the spread of the teaching.

The Vihara has two branch centres: one in Bodhgaya, the place in India where the Buddha achieved enlightenment, and the other in Singapore



Cancelation of the Songran / Thingyan April New Year Event


Dear OBV Devotees and Supporters,



As you are well aware, the WHO has characterized the Covid-19 as pandemic. The USA has taken a drastic measure restricting travel by 26 European nations to the USA; many states in the USA have also declared emergency over this Coronavirus. Harvard and Stanford universities have sent their students back or conduct classes only online.


Although U.K. has not taken similar measures, the prime minister has just described this threat as “the worst health crisis in a generation”, and things are changing very fast here as well. Indeed, the UK govt has just moved its management of this virus to the next phase today.


In line of cautions taken worldwide, we feel it is our responsibility to help protect our congregations and everyone in the UK. This kind of action, when taken with compassionate intention, can be considered a gif of life (jivita dana) in itself.


Therefore ... the trustees and I have unanimously decided NOT to hold the April New Year celebrations of the OBV in the Tingewick Hall of the JR Hospital in Oxford this year. I hope you all understand and support our decision.


New Year Blessings still come ... Despite the cancellation of the celebrations, the blessings associated with the New Year will still be upon us, come the 13th of April! It is our belief and practice of the compassionate words of the Buddha — and not so much the ceremony — that will guarantee us those blessings. Forgiveness of pains from the old year will also ensure we welcome dawn on the New Year day.


It is now more than ever that we need to think of the suffering (dukkha) facing the world and be kind to one another.


May the blessings of the Buddha be upon all of you for your good health, long life, happiness and success.




With best wishes,


Venerable Dr K. Dhammasami

(Oxford Sayadaw)




Oxford Buddha Vihara is temporarily CLOSED for all routine services


Dear OBV Devotees and Supporters,



As you are no doubt aware, there have been several cases of Coronavirus identified in Oxford - we have therefore taken advice on how to protect the health of both our visitors and the vihara.


We ask that you please come and visit us only on essential business and that you keep numbers to a minimum. Unfortunately we shall also be suspending our meditation classes for the time being. Please visit our website for any updates:


If you have been to an affected area in the last 14 days or if you have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus please do not come to the vihara.

For the latest Coronavirus advice please visit


We ask for your patience at this challenging time - may the blessing and protection of the Triple Gem be with you all..



With best wishes,


The Oxford Buddha Vihara

01865 791591 (Oxford)

01594 531418 (FoD)