The Oxford Buddha Vihara (OBV) is a centre for teaching the Buddha's message. Vihara means dwelling place. We aim to offer a programme which is practical and relevant for this modern era, so that more can benefit from the Buddha's teachings. The OBV was founded in 2003 by the Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami, who has lived as an ordained Buddhist monk for the last 30 years. Since 2003 the Vihara has developed into a thriving community of monks and lay Buddhists from many different countries and cultures, with an emphasis on the traditions of SE Asia. The community includes groups of Burmese, Thai, Lao and Sri Lankan origin as well as Buddhists with a European background. In keeping with the tradition of the SE Asian temple, the Vihara and its monks exist through the generosity of temple community. Supporters offer food, basic clothing and medicines to the monks as well as financial contributions which ensure building upkeep and the spread of the teaching.

The Vihara has two branch centres: one in Bodhgaya, the place in India where the Buddha achieved enlightenment, and the other in Singapore




February 2019 Monthly Retreat Dates



Dear OBV Devotees and Supporters,


We wish to inform you the OBV February retreat dates: -

  • • 09 & 10 February 2019 (second weekend of the month) – Weekend retreat at OBV Forest of Dean (FoD)

  • • 23 February 2019 (last Saturday of the month) – One-day retreat at OBV Oxford

As always, our retreats are free of charge and simple lunch is provided for all participants.

The retreat begins at 08:30 and ends at 16:30 daily.


Should you wish to stay overnight at FoD on the retreat weekend, please contact the OBV at 01594 531418 or send email to in advance. Weekend retreatants are encouraged to observe the eight precepts.


We would also like you to reserve the 14th of April 2019 Sunday in your calendar for it is the OBV New Year day.

We will send the detail programme closer to the date.



With best wishes,


The Oxford Buddha Vihara


01865 791591 (Oxford), 01594 531418 (FoD)



Dhammapada verse 1: “All mental phenomena have mind as their forerunner: our life is the creation of our mind. If one speaks or acts with an impure mind, suffering follows him just as the wheel of the cart follows the beast that draws the cart.”




Change of the Monthly Meditation Programmes



We wish to announce an important change to our existing monthly meditation programmes.


1) From August 2018, the OBV at Oxford will hold only a one-day meditation retreat on the last Saturday of the month.


2) The second weekend meditation retreat, also starting from August 2018, will be taking place at OBV (Forest of Dean) as it has more accommodations.



Yours with metta,


Venerable Dr. K. Dhammasami


The Oxford Buddha Vihara





Important Changes to the Way We Communicate




Dear OBV Devotees,


You may have heard in the news that the new Data Protection Bill and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has meant a change in the laws regarding data protection in the UK.


As a result, we want to ensure that you are still happy for us to contact you in the future about our charitable activities, projects, fundraising events and appeals. We value you as a devotee and supporter, and we would like to continue to keep you updated about our work and activities. We will not share your information with any third party and you can unsubscribe at any time.


If you would like to hear from us, please complete the OBV GDPR consent form, download here, and send it to us by email or by post to Oxford Buddha Vihara, 356-358 Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4TQ at your earliest convenience.


If we do not hear from you before 25 May 2018, we will be unable to continue updating you about all our activities.


Thank you very much for your kind support.



Yours faithfully,


Venerable Pannyawamsa


The Oxford Buddha Vihara






Change of OBV Contact Email



Dear OBV Devotees,


We wish to inform you that the new OBV contact email is


The old yahoo email will not be monitored with an immediate effect.


If you have not sent or posted the OBV GDPR consent form, please download the OBV GDPR consent form here, and send it to us by email or by post to Oxford Buddha Vihara, 356-358 Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4TQ at your earliest convenience.



The Oxford Buddha Vihara





A Big Thank You…Sadhu Anumodana




We, the trustees of the Oxford Buddha Vihara, wish to thank all the donors who have donated so generously towards the purchase of Park Farm, the new Oxford Buddha Vihara (OBV Forest of Dean) in St Briavels, Lydney, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire GL15 6QX.


We wish to inform you all that the purchase was completed on 17th July 2018.


It gives us great pleasure to inform you that through the generous donations and interest-free loans provided, we were able to purchase the farm without the need for a mortgage. This does not mean, however, that the OBV is free from debt as it still owes over £300,000 to devotees who have provided interest-free loans. The OBV would very much like to pay off this burden of debt as soon as possible to our generous devotees. So please continue to support and help the OBV as you have so far done.


Many Hands Make Light Work – Please Be Part of This!


The OBV Forest of Dean is a beautiful, spacious and quiet venue, ideally suited for serious meditators and for those who wish to learn about the Buddhist way of life and its philosophy, in a calm environment with highly experienced and qualified monks to guide them. After all, it is situated in the famous Forest of Dean District, 110 sq. miles of mixed and surviving woodlands and the second largest crown forest in England.


There is, however, a great deal of renovation and redecoration required to the existing three buildings to become a high standard Buddhist meditation centre. We therefore beg your patience before we can provide a high standard of service to you all in arranging meditation retreats and other Buddhist ceremonies within Park Farm.


Understandably, many of the in-house help and services are provided by volunteers and yogi who visit the place, so as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work”. The more volunteers we have the quicker we will be able to achieve our goal of running the long awaited meditation teachings and retreats, by various meditation teachers based on Theravadin Buddhist traditions from all over the world.


So we invite you to become part of this and participate in this huge project in any way you can.


How You Can Help… Our Wish List


As you already know, the OBV Forest of Dean will be open to meditation teachers of multi-meditation traditions within Theravadin Buddhism. There will be medium to long term retreats in addition to the usual weekend retreats.


You may wonder what it is we are asking for.


We are asking for devotees to give or donate towards this project and here is a “Wish List” of the things we require. We know lay people are very busy with their professional and domestic lives and, therefore, going shopping to buy certain items may prove difficult. So we propose that you just donate money for any item in the list or just a general donation to be used as required. This will allow us to choose the items needed and arrange for them to be purchased.


An added benefit of donating cash to a charitable organization (The OBV is a registered charitable organization no. 1099361) is two-fold, especially if the donor is a high rate taxpayer;


  1. The OBV will be able to claim a tax refund of 25% of the donated amount from the Inland Revenue Services under the Gift Aid Scheme. So please do not forget to complete the Gift Aid declaration form when you are donating. (You can include all donations from the last 4 years, but tell the charity about any tax years where you didn’t pay enough tax. Your donations will qualify as long as they’re not more than 4 times what you have paid in tax in that tax year.)

  3. The donor is entitled to claim also 25%. (IF YOU ARE A HIGHRATE TAXPAYER)


Example: You donate £100 to charity - they claim Gift Aid to make your donation £125. You pay 40% tax so you can personally claim back £25.00 (£125 x 20%).




If you wish to donate please contact the Venerables at the OBV, by post, email or phone.


Oxford Buddha Vihara

356-358 Abingdon Road, Oxford OX1 4TQ, United Kingdom


Phone: (+44) (0)1865 791591