The Oxford Buddha Vihara (OBV) is a centre for teaching the Buddha's message. Vihara means dwelling place. We aim to offer a programme which is practical and relevant for this modern era, so that more can benefit from the Buddha's teachings. The OBV was founded in 2003 by the Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami, who has lived as an ordained Buddhist monk for the last 30 years. Since 2003 the Vihara has developed into a thriving community of monks and lay Buddhists from many different countries and cultures, with an emphasis on the traditions of SE Asia. The community includes groups of Burmese, Thai, Lao and Sri Lankan origin as well as Buddhists with a European background. In keeping with the tradition of the SE Asian temple, the Vihara and its monks exist through the generosity of temple community. Supporters offer food, basic clothing and medicines to the monks as well as financial contributions which ensure building upkeep and the spread of the teaching.

The Vihara has two branch centres: one in Bodhgaya, the place in India where the Buddha achieved enlightenment, and the other in Singapore



Invitation to the Oxford Buddha Vihara 2016 Kathina Ceremony


the Annual General Meeting of the OBV



Date Sunday 16 October 2016
Time9:30 am to 2:45pm
VenueTingewick Hall, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Headington,Oxford OX3 9DU


We wish to cordially invite you to join us in performing meritorious deeds on the annual robe-offering ceremony, Kathina, of The Oxford Buddha Vihara (OBV); and to participate in the OBV annual general meeting at Tingewick Hall, John Radcliffe Hospital. There will be an alms-round during which devotees can offer food to 13 monks gracing the ceremony.


Programme :


09:30Arriving at Tingewick Hall
10:30Alms-round (Pindapata)
11:00Monks partaking their meal
11:30Lay people having lunch

Kathina (Robe-offering) ceremony

  • • Observing the Five Precepts
  • • Chanting
  • • Offering robes
  • • A sermon in Burmese by Ven. Panditabhivamsa (former rector of Pariyatti Sasana University, Yangon, Myanmar)
  • • A sermon in Thai by Ven. Phrakhru Sutabuddhivithet, The abbot of Wat Buddharam, London
  • • A sermon in English by Ven. Dr. Dhammasami, the abbot of the OBV
  • • Sharing merit

OBV Annual General Meeting

  • • Financial report by Dr. Sai Tin Maung, the treasurer of the OBV Trust
  • • Report in Thai by Mrs. Saang Florin, OBV Trustee
  • • Election of the OBV Trustees for the year 2016 - 2017
14:45End of the programme




Trustees, Devotees and Supporters

The Oxford Buddha Vihara



October Weekend Retreat



The October weekend retreat will take place on Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th.


The retreat begins at 8.30am with chanting and finishes at 5pm on both days. Venerable Dr Pannyawamsa, deputy to the abbot, will be leading the retreat. This month’s theme is “Staying with the Here and Now”.


Lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge for all. Please inform us, either by the OBV email at or call us at 01865 791 591, if you wish to participate in the retreat so that we can arrange the provisions. If you would like to bring food for sharing, please bring vegetarian food.


Accommodation at the monastery is now fully booked. However, we are very happy to welcome day participants.


This retreat is free of charge as always.



With metta,
Venerable MahaSena Suraseno
Assistant to the Abbot